Keep Fit - 100 metre Gravel Path around the Church



No special equipment. No gym fees. You can shed pounds and lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol -- all in a safe environment.

You can start slowly with just 5 or 10 minutes a day and work up to at least 30 minutes. It is all free and available seven days of the week. You should also do strength-building exercise at least twice a week. Whether you like to walk alone or in groups, you can build a walking program that you are sure to enjoy. If you're already in good shape, work up a sweat with a power walk. You can use it as your main workout, or use it along with another program to mix things up and avoid boredom. You might want to vary the exercise with a circuit on the run to get the full cardio benefits.

While you are completing your 100 metre circuit on the gravel path around the church remember to stay cool, drink water, and wear sunscreen!