Most of the time at church we are like one big happy family. However, all families can have a bad day, and people we know and trust, can upset us.

We want to help everyone to have good days, all of the time.


We try to make sure that people who have jobs in the church, always behave well, and in a way that is helpful to you.


We never want anyone or anything in our church to frighten you, confuse you or worry you.


It is important that you tell us if something is upsetting you, or if you are feeling worried about something that's happening or something that somebody is doing.


We have specially trained people who you can talk to and who you can get you help.


These people are good at safeguarding. This means they look after everyone's safety. Caring for people is a very important part of our Christian life.


The person who can help you is the Parish Safeguarding Officer. You can contact our safeguarding officer Paul Barratt by using the email or phone number below. If you wish to speak to someone outside the church you can contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team - their contact details are: https://www.lincoln.anglican.org/safeguarding-overview



Paul Barrett - Parish Safeguarding Officer

Email: barrettpaul09@gmail.com

tel: 630423