Deeping St Nicholas Parish Church

Littleworth Drove, PE11 3ET


Bell Ringing                       8 pm Tuesday Philip Green 07787574872

Under 5s                        9:30 am  Friday

Whist Drive                        7 pm  Monday  Roy Bell tel: 725244

Parochial Church Council  7 pm 27th September

Parish Council                    7 pm TBA

Home Group                  7:30 pm TBA     

Open Gardens raised £1198 - Thank you

Edenham House                           




Roll of Honour




           18th June         12 pm Isaac john Corrigan

           23rd July            2 pm Jake Lewis Dunham

           30th July            1 pm Joshua Hudson

             6th August      12 pm Amelia Grace Griggs

           20th August        1 pm Iona Johnson Kendrick


Weddings 2017

         17th June            John Lange & Annette Bowden

            1st July              Kara Davey & Jonathan Swift
                                      Lynda Adams & John Parkes
          23rd July             Anthony Dunham & Nicola Fletcher
          29th July             Laverne Warner & Steve Cobb                            
          23rd September   Samantha Searson & Alastair Gillespie





Ladies Guild

The Guild meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 30 Chappell Road, Deeping St Nicholas at 2pm. 

Tel: Doreen Hare 01775 630434


Deeping Saint Nicholas Primary School

Anita Bandey Head Teacher

Main Road

Deeping St Nicholas


Tel: 01775 630280


Web address:


Parish Council


Credit Union



Wildlife Trust



Fenland Green Power Cooperative



The W I

Angela White        Tel: 630988





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