60's in the Barn Festival  7pm 25th June


Dog Show                     11am 30th July


PCC Meeting                 7pm 16th May


Bible discussion/study      7pm Wednesday




Baptisms and Weddings


Please contact Rev. E Crust




 Heating is charged at £80 per booking (October to May)

                               £60 per booking (June to September)



Bell Ringing                         


Tuesday's 8pm Contact Philip Green 07787574872


Whist Drives                         


On Mondays 7pm every 2 weeks


Ladies Guild

Linda Lamb 07496 470222

The Guild meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month


Deeping Saint Nicholas Primary School

Head Teacher

Main Road

Deeping St Nicholas


Tel: 01775 630280

Email: enquiries@deeping-st-nicholas.lincs.sch.uk

Web address: http://dsnschool.org.uk/Index.asp


Parish Council



Credit Union

Website: https://www.lincscreditunion.org.uk


Wildlife Trust

Website: http://www.lincstrust.org.uk/


Fenland Green Power Cooperative

Web: https://energy4all.co.uk/coops/fenland-green-power-co-op/


The W I

Angela White        Tel: 630988

Website: https://www.thewi.org.uk/become-a-member/structure-of-the-wi/england/lincolnshire-south/find-a-wi/deeping-st-nicholas